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Webinar in Serbian language – 28 July 2020 – New issues in construction legislation – Law on Construction Products

ISS is repeating the organization of the webinar, one of many, referring to the changes and amendments in the construction legislation. First of all, the focus will be on the Law on Construction Products, as the single regulation for placing and making available construction products on the market.

Knowledge of new terms defined by this Law is the basis for understanding the innovated technical regulations, that are its bylaws.

This webinar, as the previous ones, is intended for all those involved at the construction products market, i.e. manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, designers, supervisors, etc.)

The lecturers at the webinar are: - Nina Vukosavljević and Danijela Pršić from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and - Jelena Skoković, NTC Secretary of the construction standards NTCs.