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ISO/NP 5056-8

Personal protective equipment for firefighters undertaking specific rescue activities (Surface Water and Unstable Surface rescue) — Part 8: Hearing protection

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10.60     7. 12. 2021.


ISO/TC 94/SC 14

Међународни стандард


The series of documents will cover the requirements for all types of personal protective equipment, (PPE), used when conducting rescues on the surface of a body of water and/or unstable surface and will include PPE used to protect the torso, hands, head, feet, eyes, and ears.
(Body of water: Accumulation of water such as an ocean, sea, lake, river, dam, reservoir, pond, wetland, or flooding be it static or moving. Unstable surface: A surface that is subject to movement such as water, ice, mud, and snow.)
The documents will not cover PPE that is used under the surface of a body of water, e.g. dive or underwater operations. It also will not cover PPC used in other high-risk situations such as those involving firefighting, hazardous materials, or biological agents.
The documents will describe performance requirements for the PPE and include requirements for marking and manufacturer’s instructions.

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ISO/NP 5056-8
10.60 Завршетак изјашњавања о предлогу
7. 12. 2021.