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IEC 62282-6-101 ED1

Fuel cell technologies - Part 6-101: Micro fuel cell power systems - Safety - General requirements

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50.00     24. 7. 2023.

CFDIS    16. 10. 2023.


TC 105

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IEC 62282-6-101:2023 covers micro fuel cell power systems and fuel cartridges that are wearable or easily carried by hand, providing direct current outputs that do not exceed 60 V DC and power outputs that do not exceed 240 VA. Portable fuel cell power systems that provide output levels that exceed these electrical limits are covered by IEC 62282-5-100. This document covers micro fuel cell power systems and fuel cartridges. This document establishes the requirements for micro fuel cell power systems and fuel cartridges to ensure a reasonable degree of safety for normal use, reasonably foreseeable misuse, and cargo and consumer transportation and storage of such items.

This first edition, together with the other parts of the IEC 62282-6-1XX series, cancels and replaces IEC 62282-6-100:2010 and IEC 62282-6-100:2010/AMD1:2012. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC 62282‑6‑100:2010 and IEC 62282-6-100:2010/AMD1:2012:
a) A new structure has been set up: IEC 62282-6-101 covers the general safety requirements common to all fuel types whereas IEC 62282-6-102 and subsequent parts of the IEC 62282‑6-1XX series cover particular requirements for specific fuel types based on the requirements given in IEC 62282-6-101.

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IEC 62282-6-100:2010 ED1


IEC 62282-6-101 ED1
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24. 7. 2023.

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