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IEC 62217:2012 ED2

Polymeric HV insulators for indoor and outdoor use - General definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria
27. 9. 2012.

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60.60     27. 9. 2012.


TC 36

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IEC 62217:2012 is applicable to polymeric insulators whose insulating body consists of one or various organic materials. Polymeric insulators covered by this standard include both solid core and hollow insulators. They are intended for use on HV overhead lines and in indoor and outdoor equipment. The object of this standard is:
- to define the common terms used for polymeric insulators;
- to prescribe common test methods for design tests on polymeric insulators;
- to prescribe acceptance or failure criteria, if applicable.
These tests, criteria and recommendations are intended to ensure a satisfactory life-time under normal operating and environmental conditions. This standard shall only be applied in conjunction with the relevant product standard. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2005. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes a significant technical change with respect to the previous edition. The first edition of IEC 62217 (2005) included two other alternative tracking and erosion tests (a 5 000 hour multi-stress test and a tracking wheel test) which were based on tests developed by CIGRE and utilities. These tests are no longer given as normative alternatives following the results of a study/questionnaire by TC 36 on the relative merits of all three tracking and erosion tests. The 5 000 hour multi-stress test and a tracking wheel test are described in IEC/TR 62730 (2012).

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IEC 62217:2005 ED1


IEC 62217:2012 ED2
60.60 Стандард објављен
27. 9. 2012.


IEC 62217 ED3

IEC 62217 ED3

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Visokonaponski izolatori od polimera za unutrašnju i spoljašnju montažu – Opšte definicije, ispitne metode i kriterijumi prihvatljivosti

60.60 Стандард објављен