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IEC 62552-2:2015 ED1

Household refrigerating appliances - Characteristics and test methods - Part 2: Performance requirements
30. 11. 2020.

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60.60     13. 2. 2015.


TC 59/SC 59M

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IEC 62552-2:2015 specifies the essential characteristics of household refrigerating appliances cooled by internal natural convection or forced air circulation, and specifies test methods for checking the characteristics. This part of IEC 62552 describes the methods for the determination of performance requirements. Although there is some commonality in the set-ups for different tests (and so it may be an advantage to apply them all to one sample), these are separate tests to evaluate specific characteristics of the sample being tested. This part of IEC 62552 does not specify a procedure to generalise the results from sample test results to a prediction of the characteristics of the whole population from which that sample was selected. IEC 62552-1, IEC 62552-2 and IEC 62552-3 cancel and replace the first edition of IEC 62552 published in 2007. IEC 62552-1, IEC 62552-2 and IEC 62552-3 together constitute a technical revision and include the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC 62552:2007:
- A cooling capacity test has been added in Part 2 (this part).
- A pull-down test has been added in Part 2 (this part).
- Performance tests have been added for wine storage appliances in Part 2 (this part).

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IEC 62552:2007 ED1

IEC 62552:2007/COR1:2008 ED1


IEC 62552-2:2015 ED1
60.60 Стандард објављен
13. 2. 2015.


IEC 62552-2:2015/AMD1:2020 ED1

IEC 62552-2/AMD2 ED1

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