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IEC 60412:2014 ED3

Nuclear instrumentation - Nomenclature (identification) of scintillators and scintillation detectors and standard dimensions of scintillators
24. 9. 2014.

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60.60     24. 9. 2014.


TC 45

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IEC 60412:2014 gives guidelines for scintillation detectors and scintillators nomenclature (identification) and standard dimensions of scintillators. This International Standard is applicable to all types of solid organic and inorganic scintillators used in detectors for scintillation counting and spectrometry. The object of this standard is to define a standardized nomenclature for scintillation detectors in which most of the properties can be found. The object of this standard is also to standardize the dimensions of bare scintillators in order to facilitate interchangeability of non-encapsulated scintillators and to facilitate intercomparisons of measurements with encapsulated scintillators. The main technical changes with regard to the previous edition are as follows:
- nomenclature of scintillation detectors was expanded by phoswich detector and single-line multi-channel detector;
- some missing positions in the nomenclature of the previous edition were filled out.

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IEC 60412:2007 ED2


IEC 60412:2014 ED3
60.60 Стандард објављен
24. 9. 2014.