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IEC 62087-3:2015 ED1

Audio, video, and related equipment - Determination of power consumption - Part 3: Television sets
5. 6. 2015.

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99.60     17. 2. 2023.


TC 100/TA 19

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IEC 62087-3:2015 specifies the determination of the power consumption and related characteristics of television sets. Television sets include, but are not limited to, those with CRT, LCD, PDP, OLED, or projection technologies. The operating modes and functions, as they specifically apply to television sets, are defined in detail in this part of IEC 62087. This first edition of IEC 62087-3 cancels and replaces Clauses 6 and 11 and Annex B of IEC 62087:2011. This standard together with IEC 62087-1 to IEC 62087-2 and IEC 62087-4 to IEC 62087-6 cancels and replaces IEC 62087:2011 in its entirety. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to Clauses 6 and 11 and Annex B of IEC 62087:2011. For TVs with an automatic brightness control feature, power may now be measured at multiple specific illumination levels. A method has been defined for determining the ratio of peak luminance expected in the home versus the peak luminance expected in the retail environment. Sections related to general measuring conditions and procedures are now in IEC 62087-1:2015. Sections related to signals and media are now in IEC 62087-2:2015. The titles have changed in order to comply with the current directives and to accommodate the multipart structure.

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IEC 62087-BD:2011 ED3


IEC 62087-3:2015 ED1
99.60 Повлачење ступило на снагу
17. 2. 2023.


IEC 62087-3:2023 ED2

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Audio, video i prateća oprema – Određivanje potrošnje energije – Deo 3: Televizijski setovi

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