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ISO/IEC TR 16501:1999

Information technology — Generic digital audio-visual systems — Technical Report on ISO/IEC 16500 — Description of digital audio-visual functionalities
16. 12. 1999.

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90.60     19. 12. 2012.



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This Technical Report describes the functions that may be supported by systems using ISO/IEC 16500. These
functions have been derived by analyzing the requirements of a number of example applications from the
viewpoints of a range of participants, including:
_ content providers _ IPR holders
_ service providers _ rights collection agencies
_ delivery system providers _ regulatory authorities
_ end-users _ business support services
_ equipment manufacturers _ financial services
Applications, tools and functions are described from a behavioral viewpoint. The report does not assume any
technical implementation for a particular service.
The Technical Report consists of a main body, and a series of Annexes. The main body introduces the concept of
a contour in the context of ISO/IEC 16500 and outlines its use in compliance and conformance definitions. The
behaviour and parameters of sets of core functions and generic tools that can be derived from the functions are
then presented. Nineteeen example applications are analysed and described in terms of generic and application
specific functionalities. The main body concludes with an integrated summary listing of the functionalities
required by users and providers of digital audio-visual applications and systems organised under a set of
functional groupings . The User and Market Requirements and the corresponding Functional Requirements
required for the IDB (Interactive Digital Broadcast) contour are defined in Annex A. Similar information is
provided in Annex B for the EDB (Enhanced Digital Broadcast) contour. This overall structure is designed to
readily incorporate future descriptions of new core functions, generic tools, sample applications and additional

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ISO/IEC TR 16501:1999
90.60 Завршетак поступка преиспитивања стандарда
19. 12. 2012.

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