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ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017

Information technology — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Service quality models
27. 6. 2017.

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90.20     15. 1. 2024.



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ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017 is applicable to IT services that support the needs of an individual user or a business. IT services can be delivered personally or remotely by people, or by an IT application that could be in a local or remote location (see Annex A).
These include two types of IT services:
a) services completely automated provided by an IT system;
b) services provided by a human using an IT system.
ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017 describes the use of two quality models for IT services.
a) ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017 defines an IT service quality model composed of eight characteristics (which are further subdivided into sub-characteristics) that relate to properties of the IT service made up from a combination of elements including people, processes, technology, facilities and information.
b) ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017 describes how the quality in use model in ISO/IEC 25010 which is composed of five characteristics (some of them are further subdivided into sub-characteristics) can be applied to the outcome when an IT service is used in a particular context of use. This model is applicable to the complete service provision system composed of people, processes, technology, facilities and information.
The characteristics and sub-characteristics provide consistent terminologies and check lists for specifying, measuring and evaluating IT service quality.
The use of the IT service quality models can help:
- IT service providers to identify service quality requirements, and evaluate and improve the quality of the service provided;
- customers to specify their requirements for the quality of service, define the acceptance criteria for service, and evaluate the quality of an IT service; and
- a third party to evaluate the quality of an IT service.

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ISO/IEC TS 25011:2017
90.20 Почетак поступка преиспитивања стандарда
15. 1. 2024.

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Informacione tehnologije – Zahtevi za kvalitet i vrednovanje sistema i softvera (SQuaRE) – Modeli kvaliteta usluga

90.20 Почетак поступка преиспитивања стандарда


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