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ISO 6670:2002

Instant coffee — Sampling method for bulk units with liners
18. 7. 2002.

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90.92     16. 10. 2023.


ISO/TC 34/SC 15

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This International Standard specifies a method of sampling a consignment of instant coffee, shipped in ten units or more, for the purpose of examination to determine whether the consignment complies with a contract specification.
The cases used have inner linings of moisture-resistant material, hermetically sealed because of the hygroscopic nature of instant coffee, and are in units greater than 10 kg net mass, typically up to 50 kg. This method is also applicable to units of more than 50 kg, usually named as big bags or supersacks. The cases are generally made of cardboard of appropriate strength and the big bags are made of suitable plastic material.
The method may also be used for the selection and preparation of a sufficiently representative sample of the consignment, intended
to serve as a basis for an offer for sale,for examination to verify that the instant coffee to be offered for sale satisfies the producer's sales specification,for examination to determine one or more of the characteristics of the instant coffee for technical, commercial, administrative and arbitration purposes, andfor retention as a reference sample for use, if required, in litigation.
This International Standard is applicable to spray dried powder and freeze dried instant coffees only, due to the intrinsic fragility of particles of agglomerated instant coffee, which leads to greater breakdown and headspace in the final packed units for the consumer.

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ISO 6670:1983


ISO 6670:2002
90.92 Одлука о измени или ревизији стандарда
16. 10. 2023.


ISO/AWI 6670

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90.92 Одлука о измени или ревизији стандарда

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