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ISO/TR 10017:2003

Guidance on statistical techniques for ISO 9001:2000
8. 5. 2003.
95.99 Повучен   9. 7. 2021.

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95.99     9. 7. 2021.


ISO/TC 176/SC 3

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03.120.30     03.120.10  

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ISO/TR 10017:2003 provides guidance on the selection of appropriate statistical techniques that may be useful to an organization in developing, implementing, maintaining and improving a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001. This is done by examining those requirements of ISO 9001 that involve the use of quantitative data, and then identifying and describing the statistical techniques that can be useful when applied to such data.
The list of statistical techniques cited in ISO/TR 10017:2003 is neither complete nor exhaustive, and does not preclude the use of any other techniques (statistical or otherwise) that are deemed to be beneficial to the organization. Furthermore, ISO/TR 10017:2003 does not attempt to prescribe which statistical technique(s) are to be used; nor does it attempt to advise on how the technique(s) are to be implemented.
ISO/TR 10017:2003 is not intended for contractual, regulatory or certification/registration purposes. It is not intended to be used as a mandatory checklist for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 requirements. The justification for using statistical techniques is that their application would help to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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ISO/TR 10017:1999


ISO/TR 10017:2003
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9. 7. 2021.


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Uputstvo o statističkim tehnikama za ISO 9001:2000

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