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ISO 21927-1:2008

Smoke and heat control systems — Part 1: Specification for smoke barriers
7. 1. 2008.

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90.93     22. 3. 2024.


ISO/TC 21/SC 11

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ISO 21927-1:2008 specifies the product performance requirements, classifications and test methods for smoke barriers, which comprise the barrier itself, with or without associated activation and drive devices, designed for use in smoke and heat control systems. ISO 21927-1:2008 provides the test methods for, and conformity assessment of, the smoke barrier systems. It covers only barriers installed in buildings; it does not cover barriers made of part of the building's structure.
Smoke barriers are only covered by ISO 21927-1:2008 when calculation methods exist for the determination of the leakage rate of smoke. This requires the smoke barriers to be sufficiently fixed and guided on any free joints between two adjacent smoke barriers. An example is given of a design to which ISO 21927-1:2008 does not apply.

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ISO 21927-1:2008
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22. 3. 2024.