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ISO 8274:2005

Windows and doors — Resistance to repeated opening and closing — Test method
20. 10. 2005.

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ISO/TC 162

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ISO 8274:2005 specifies the method to be used to determine the mechanical durability of doorsets and the opening parts of windows after a defined number of operating cycles.
ISO 8274:2005 applies, whatever their construction materials and operating systems, to any window or any door in the form of complete assemblies in normal operating conditions. The parts concerned in the testing are the frame, the opening elements (including any secondary elements) and all essential hardware, including operating devices. It does not include any additional fasteners such as pegstays or cabin hooks, nor any independently installed restrictor.
In ISO 8274:2005, it is assumed that the operating cycle imparts movement to ancillary items such as hinges, stays, balances and other mechanisms.

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ISO 8274:1985


ISO 8274:2005
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16. 12. 2019.

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