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ISO 13577-2:2014

Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment — Safety — Part 2: Combustion and fuel handling systems
8. 9. 2014.

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90.92     21. 1. 2020.


ISO/TC 244

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25.180.01     13.100  




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ISO 13577-2:2014 specifies the safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems that are part of industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment (TPE). It deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to combustion and fuel handling systems, when used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer.
ISO 13577-2:2014 covers: fuel pipework downstream of and including the manual isolating valve; combustion air supply (including oxygen and oxygen enriched combustion air) and flue gas system; burner(s), burner system and ignition device; functional requirements for safety related control system. It applies to any oxidation with air or other gases containing free oxygen of gaseous and liquid fuels or any combustion of them to release thermal energy in TPE. For thermal or catalytic post combustion and waste incineration, ISO 13577-2:2014 applies only to auxiliary burners designed to start-up and/or support the process.
ISO 13577-2:2014 also gives the necessary requirements regarding information for use.

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ISO 13577-2:2014
90.92 Одлука о измени или ревизији стандарда
21. 1. 2020.


ISO 13577-2