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ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013

Information technology — Process assessment — Guide for process improvement
19. 11. 2013.

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60.60     19. 11. 2013.



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ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013 provides informative guidance on using process assessment as part of a complete framework and method for performing process improvement as part of a continual improvement activity. It also provides guidance on how to strengthen and maintain the abilities to ensure success with continual process improvement - improvability. Improvability is addressed both at the organizational perspective and at the project perspective.
In the case of process improvement, the concepts and principles are appropriate for the full range of different business goals, application domains and sizes of organization, so that all types of organizations may use them. It is the same in the case of process improvability.
ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013 deals with process improvement on three levels.

Strategic: what goals to achieve, the motivation and direction.
Tactical: how to achieve the goals of process improvement.
Operational: how to perform the process improvement.

ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013 has three improvement perspectives.

Process perspective: Process improvement as a programme or project.
Organizational perspective: Improvement of organizational improvability in order to ensure success with improvement projects.
Project perspective: Improve a project´s improvability and reach improvement success.

ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013 includes topics such as: utilising the results of a process assessment; principles of continual process improvement; roles in process improvement; principles of enhancing improvability; process improvement support elements; overall change strategies; scope of change;
Although the focus for ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013 is continual process improvement based on using process assessment as part of a complete framework and method for performing and ensuring success with continual process improvement, it can also be used in related areas.

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ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008


ISO/IEC TR 33014:2013
60.60 Стандард објављен
19. 11. 2013.

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Informacione tehnologije – Ocenjivanje procesa – Uputstvo za unapređenje procesa

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