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ISO 11336-2:2020

Large yachts — Strength, weathertightness and watertightness of glazed openings — Part 2: Glazed opening integrated into adjacent structure (elastically bonded to bulkhead or shell) design criteria, structural support, installation and testing
12. 8. 2020.

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60.60     12. 8. 2020.


ISO/TC 8/SC 12

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This document specifies technical requirements for direct adhesive bonding of glazing materials into recesses forming part of the structure of the ship and into frames that are fastened to the structure of the ship.
It is applicable to large yachts as defined in ISO 11336-1.
This document is limited to the bonding of independent glazed openings, where the bonded joint is designed to withstand local loads (from external loads coming from weather and sea conditions, internal impact loads from accidental passenger or cargo shifting, wind suction and accelerations due to ship motions).
Bonding of glazed openings where the glazing material is subjected to loads from global ship motions (bending, shear force and torsion), which are considered as structural glazed openings, are outside the scope of this document. Quantitative identification of the global deflection is also outside the scope.
Additionally, this document is limited to bonding that exhibits elastic behaviour, and excludes rigid bonding and nonlinear elastic bonding.
The design of the bonding for the following installation types is outside the scope of this document:
— fire protected areas;
— glazed bulwarks;
— underwater glazing;
— pool glazing;
— glazing for use in polar areas;
— unstepped IGUs.

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ISO 11336-2:2020
60.60 Стандард објављен
12. 8. 2020.