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naSRPS EN 81-43:2020

Безбедносна правила за конструкцију и уградњу лифтова - Специјални лифтови за превоз лица и терета - Део 43: Лифтови намењени за дизалице

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Special lifts for the transport of persons and goods - Part 43: Lifts for cranes

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45.99     6. 6. 2023.

50.20    3. 8. 2023.



Европски стандард

53.020.20     91.140.90  


1.1 This document specifies the safety requirements for the construction and installation of power operated lifts attached to cranes and intended for access to workplaces on cranes, by authorised persons. This includes intended use, erection, dismantling, inspection and maintenance. The lift serves defined landing levels and has a load carrying unit which is:
- designed for the transportation of persons and goods;
- guided;
- travelling vertically or along a path within 15 degrees maximum from the vertical;
- supported by rack and pinion or suspended by steel wire ropes;
- travelling with a speed not more than 1,0 m/s for permanent lifts and not more than 0,4 m/s for temporary lifts.
1.2 This document identifies hazards as listed in Clause 4 which arise during the various phases in the life of such equipment and describes methods for the elimination or reduction of these hazards when used as intended by the manufacturer.
1.3 This document does not specify the additional requirements for:
- operation in severe conditions (e.g. extreme climates, strong magnetic fields);-
- lightning protection;
- operation subject to special rules (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres);
NOTE Directive 94/9/EC concerning equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres can be applicable to the type of machine or equipment covered by this European Standard. The present standard is not intended to provide means of complying with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive 94/9/EC.
- electromagnetic compatibility (emission, immunity);
- handling of loads the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations;
- the use of combustion engines;
- hydraulic drive units;
- hazards occurring during manufacturing process;
- hazards occurring as a result of being erected over a public road;
- earthquakes;
- noise (see also Directive on noise emissions from machines used outdoors (2000/14/EC)).

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SRPS EN 81-43:2010


naSRPS EN 81-43:2020
45.99 Слање нацрта FV у CCMC
6. 6. 2023.

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