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dnaSRPS CEN ISO/TS 21719-3:2020

Електронска наплата путарине - Персонализација опреме у возилу – Део 2: Примена картица са интегрисаним колом (колима)

Electronic fee collection - Personalization of on-board equipment (OBE) - Part 3: Using integrated circuit(s) cards (ISO/TS 21719-3:2021)

Опште информације

50.60     8. 10. 2021.



Техничка спецификација

03.220.20     35.240.60  


This document specifies:

personalization interface;
physical systems: on-board equipment (OBE), personalization equipment (PE) and integrated circuit(s) cards (ICCs);
electronic fee collection (EFC) personalization functions between the PE and the OBE in accordance with ISO/TS 21719-1 when using an ICC;
data and security elements that are transferred between the PE and the OBE using the ICC.

It is outside the scope of this document to define:

conformance procedures and test specifications;
setting-up of operating organizations (e.g. toll service provider, personalization agent, trusted third party, etc.);
legal issues;
the exact commands and security functionality within ISO/IEC 7816-4 used by the PE and the OBE, respectively, to interface an ICC.

NOTE         Some of the issues that are outside the scope of this document are the subject of separate standards prepared by CEN/TC 278 and ISO/TC 204.

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dnaSRPS CEN ISO/TS 21719-3:2020
50.60 Завршетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта стандарда
8. 10. 2021.

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Идентичан са CEN ISO/TS 21719-3:2021

Идентичан са ISO/TS 21719-3:2021