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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 17789-2:2021

Органско-неорганска ђубрива - Идентификација хелатних средстава - Део 2: Одређивање Fe хелатираног са [o,o] EDDHA, [o,o] EDDHMA и HBED или количине хелатних средстава хроматографијом јонског пара

Organo-mineral fertilizers - Identification of chelating agents - Part 2: Determination of Fe chelated by [o,o] EDDHA, [o,o] EDDHMA and HBED, or the amount of chelating agents by ion pair chromatography

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50.60     20. 12. 2021.



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This document specifies a method for the determination by ion pair chromatography of the iron chelated by each individual ortho(hydroxy)-ortho(hydroxy) isomer of the chelating agents [o,o] EDDHA, [o,o] EDDHMA and by HBED in organo-mineral fertilizers, having an organic matrix based on vegetal residues (cocoa shells, grape residue, soybean residue, ...), algae extract, and animal meal (feather, bones, blood, ...) and containing one or more of these substances, except for [o,o] EDDHMA and HBED mixes.
The method allows the identification and the determination of the total concentration of water soluble iron chelates of these chelating agents. Also, after derivatization with Fe, the soluble amount of the chelating agents can be determined when other micronutrients beside Fe are present in organo-mineral fertilizers containing [o,o] EDDHA, [o,o] EDDHMA or HBED.
This method is applicable to a mass fraction of the metal chelated of at least 0,625 %.
NOTE 1 The substances EDDHA and EDDHMA exist as several different isomeric forms. Positional isomers for the hydroxyl or methyl groups (in ortho, meta, and para positions) as well as stereo isomers (meso and dl-racemic forms) are known. Both meso and dl-racemic forms of the [ortho,ortho] EDDHA and [ortho,ortho]. Since para, meta and ortho methyl positional isomers of the EDDHMA present quite similar stability, they could be grouped: in the method here described the para, meta and ortho methyl positional isomers of the [o,o] EDDHMA are considered together. HBED (N,N'-bis(2-hydroxybenzyl)-ethylenediamine-N,N'-diacetic acid) does not present isomeric forms.
NOTE 2 At present, analytically pure standards only exist for [ortho,ortho] EDDHA, [ortho,ortho] EDDHMA and HBED. All other substances being unavailable as a standard, the influence of their eventual presence in the samples (with respect to the sensitivity and the selectivity of this method) has not been studied.
NOTE 3 The meso and the dl-racemic forms of [o,o] EDDHA and [o,o] EDDHMA can be determined separately by this method.

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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 17789-2:2021
50.60 Завршетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта стандарда
20. 12. 2021.

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