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naSRPS EN ISO 19164:2021

Географске информације - Модел геопросторних информација о унутрашњим просторима

Geographic information - Indoor feature model (ISO/DIS 19164:2023)

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40.60     8. 9. 2023.



Европски стандард



This standard defines a conceptual model of essential indoor features to describe indoor spatial environments required commonly in various location-based indoor applications.

The scope includes the following:
— conceptual structure of indoor features and their attributes;
— spatial associations relationships between indoor features.

The conceptual model in this standard is compatible with building model defined in OGC CityGML 3.0, and adds the details of some feature types and extends new types.

This document will provide a common reference to guide the collection and organization of indoor spatial information for location-based applications in a comprehensive and straightforward way.

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naSRPS EN ISO 19164:2021
40.60 Завршетак јавне расправе
8. 9. 2023.

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