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naSRPS EN 1993-3:2021

Еврокод 3 — Пројектовање челичних конструкција — Део 3: Торњеви, јарболи и димњаци

Eurocode 3 - Design of steel structures - Part 3: Towers, masts and chimneys

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40.60     13. 6. 2024.



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91.010.30     91.080.13     91.060.40  



(1) This document provides rules for structural design of towers, masts and chimney structures, that fall into any of the following classifications, with the exceptions given in (3), (4) and (5).
(2) This document is applicable to:
a) self-supporting towers and guyed masts with or without attachments. The shafts of towers and masts can be of lattice type or of circular or polygonal cross-section.
b) chimney structures of circular cross-section that are cantilevered, supported at intermediate levels or guyed.
NOTE 1 The structures are mainly exposed to wind loading.
NOTE 2 For overhead transmission line towers see also the EN 50341 series.
(3) This document does not apply to:
a) polygonal and circular lighting columns covered by the EN 40 series;
NOTE The EN 40 series specifies the requirements and dimensions for lighting columns and it applies to post top columns not exceeding 20 m height and to post top lanterns and columns with brackets not exceeding 18 m height for side entry lanterns.
b) wind turbine towers (see the EN 61400 series)
c) overhead line towers covered by the EN 50341 series.
(4) This document does not cover special provisions for seismic design, which are given in the EN 1998 series.
(5) Special measures that might be necessary to limit the consequences of accidents are not covered in this document. For resistance to fire, see EN 1993-1-2.
(6) Provisions for the guys of guyed structures are given in EN 1993-1-11 and supplemented in this document.
(7) For provisions concerning aspects such as chemical attack, thermo-dynamical performance or thermal insulation of chimneys see EN 13084 1. For the design of liners see EN 13084-6.
NOTE 1 Foundations are covered in the EN 1997 series. See also EN 13084-1.
NOTE 2 Wind loads and procedures for the wind response of structures are specified in EN 1991-1-4.
(1) Unless specifically stated, EN 1990, EN 1991 (relevant parts) and EN 1993-1 (relevant parts) apply.
(2) The design methods given in this document are applicable if
- the execution quality is as specified in Annex E and EN 1090-2 and for the execution of chimneys, also in EN 13084-6,
- the construction materials and products used are as specified in the relevant parts of the EN 1993 series or, for materials other than steel, in the relevant material and product specifications.
NOTE Execution is covered in this document to the extent that is necessary to indicate the quality of the construction materials and products and the standard of workmanship on site needed to comply with the assumptions of the design rules.

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naSRPS EN 1993-3:2021
40.60 Завршетак јавне расправе
13. 6. 2024.

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