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nkSRPS EN ISO/ASTM 27548:2022

Адитивна производња пластике - Животна средина, здравље и безбедност - Метода испитивања за одређивање стопе емисије честица и хемикалија из екструзије материјала за десктоп 3D штампач

Additive manufacturing of plastics -- Environment, health and safety -- Test method for determination of particle and chemical emission rates from desktop 3D printer material extrusion

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30.99     9. 3. 2023.

40.20    4. 5. 2023.



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This document specifies test methods to determine particle emissions (including ultrafine particles) and specified VOCs (including aldehydes) from Material Extrusion(ME) processes often used in non-industrial environments such as school, homes and office spaces in an Emission Test Chamber (ETC) under specified test conditions. However, these tests may not accurately predict real-world results.
This document describes a conditioning method using an ETC with controlled temperature, humidity, air exchange rate, air velocity, and procedures for monitoring, storage, analysis, calculation, and reporting of emission rates.
This document is intended to cover a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) type desktop 3D printer using thermoplastic materials. The primary purpose of this document is to quantify particle and chemical emission rates emitted from a specific ME type desktop 3D printer which is operated using thermoplastic feedstocks.
However, not all possible emissions are covered by this method. Many feedstocks could release hazardous emissions that are not measured by the chemical detectors prescribed in this document. It is the responsibility of the user to understand the material being printed and the potential chemical emissions. An example is PVC feedstocks that could potentially emit chlorinated compounds, which would not be measured by this document.

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nkSRPS EN ISO/ASTM 27548:2022
30.99 Нацрт комисије стандарда одобрава се за јавну расправу
9. 3. 2023.

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