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nkSRPS EN ISO 12895:2022

Безбедност машина - Идентификација приступа целом телу и превенција изведених ризика

Safety of machinery -- Identification of whole body access and prevention of derived risks

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30.99     4. 3. 2024.

40.20    25. 4. 2024.



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This document establishes the criteria to evaluate when whole body access exists in a machinery application and includes appropriate risk reduction measures to minimize or reduce associated risks. It provides a methodology to determine the selection of risk reduction measures when whole body access exists.
This document assumes separation distances have been applied according to ISO 13855 and ISO 13857.
Protection against the risks from hazards arising from emissions (e.g., the ejection of solid or fluid materials, radiation, electric arcs, heat, noise, fumes, gases) are not entirely covered by this document, although the application of the proposed risk reduction measures may minimize or reduce them.
Protection against the risks from hazards arising from breaking of parts of the machine or gravity falls, are not covered by this document.
This document applies for safeguards used on machinery for the protection of persons 14 years and older.

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nkSRPS EN ISO 12895:2022
30.99 Нацрт комисије стандарда одобрава се за јавну расправу
4. 3. 2024.

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