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naSRPS EN 14960-4:2022

Опрема на надувавање за игру – Део 4: Додатни захтеви за безбедност и методе испитивања банџи стаза

Inflatable play equipment. - Part 4: Additional safety requirements and test methods for bungee runs

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40.60     22. 12. 2022.



Европски стандард

97.190     97.200.50  


This part of EN 14960 is applicable to inflatable play equipment intended for use by children fourteen years
and under, both individually and collectively.
This part of EN 14960 specifies additional safety requirements for bungee runs for which the primary
activities are climbing and sliding. It sets measures to address risks and also to minimize accidents to users for those involved in the design, manufacture and supply of inflatable play equipment. It specifies
information to be supplied with the equipment. The requirements have been laid down bearing in mind the
risk factor based on available data.
This part of the EN 14960 specifies requirements to protect a child from hazards that he or she might be
unable to foresee when using the equipment as intended, or in a manner that can be reasonably anticipated.
This part of the EN 14960 is not applicable to inflatable water-borne play and leisure equipment, domestic
inflatable toys, air-supported buildings, inflatables used solely for protection, inflatables used for rescue, or
other types of inflatable toys where the primary activity is not bouncing or sliding.

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naSRPS EN 14960-4:2022
40.60 Завршетак јавне расправе
22. 12. 2022.

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