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naSRPS EN 1482-3:2022

Ђубрива, материје за калцификацију и инхибитори – Узимање узорака и припремање узорака – Део 3: Узимање узорака статичних гомила

Fertilizers, liming materials and inhibitors - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 3: Sampling of static heaps

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40.60     16. 11. 2023.



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This document is applicable to the sampling of the following solid inorganic fertilizers and liming materials supplied or ready for supply, and stored in static heaps:
- Single nutrient fertilizers,
- Uniform complex fertilizers,
- Milled, granulated or dredged liming materials,
- Any other materials deemed suitable for sampling by the method described in this part of the standard,
for the purpose of testing for compliance with legal requirements and other descriptions and declarations.
NOTE 1 The term “fertilizer” is used throughout the body of this document and includes liming materials and inhibitors unless otherwise indicated.
NOTE 2 Manufacturers, importers and sellers might choose to use this method to obtain samples of other products or blends as well as long as both parties to a transaction agree. The build-up of a static heap often leads to granulometric segregation, which makes the collection of a truly representative sample unlikely.
NOTE 3 It is the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and sellers, however, to ensure they supply a product that complies with its label declaration at the moment of delivery and fulfils the expectations of the end user at the moment of application.

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naSRPS EN 1482-3:2022
40.60 Завршетак јавне расправе
16. 11. 2023.

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