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SRPS CEN/TS 14472-4:2011

Elastične , tekstilne i laminatne podne obloge -Projektovanje, priprema i ugradnja - Deo 4:Elastične podne obloge

Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings - Design, preparation and installation - Part 4: Resilient floor coverings
31. 1. 2011.

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90.93     8. 10. 2007.

90.00    8. 10. 2010.



Техничка спецификација



From plan 2010



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This Technical Specification provides recommendations for the installation of resilient floor coverings. It covers products composed of polyvinyl chloride, linoleum, cork and rubber. It details suitable methods of installation and advises on the selection of the materials required for their implementation.
The guidelines in this Technical Specification are intended for use in cases where manufacturer's instructions, taking account of the national code of practice in the country where the installation is to be made, are not available. References to the national codes that are currently available are listed in the Bibliography of the various parts of this Technical Specification.
This Technical Specification is intended for use in conjunction with CEN/TS 14472-1 that deals with general matters relevant to textile and laminate floor coverings as well as resilient floor coverings. It gives recommendations for the installation of resilient floor coverings in new or existing buildings. It describes common procedures which are in use throughout Europe and highlights the major differences that can exist in different national procedures.
Special measures beyond those described in this Technical Specification may be necessary for the successful installation of resilient floor coverings for specialist purposes such as electrostatic control or use in special wet areas. These specialist techniques are not described in this Technical Specification.

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SRPS CEN/TS 14472-4:2011
90.93 Одлука о потврђивању стандарда
8. 10. 2007.

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