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SRPS EN 710:2011/AC:2013

Zahtevi za bezbednost za mašine i postrojenja za livenje u kalupe, proizvodnju livačkih jezgara i njihovu prateću opremu — Ispravka

Safety requirements for foundry moulding and coremaking machinery and plant associated equipment
28. 1. 2013.
95.99 Повучен   28. 2. 2023.

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95.99     28. 2. 2023.



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This standard specifies safety requirements to be met by the manufacturer for machines and plant used in foundries for the production of castings in disposable models. It takes into account the foreseeable significant hazards due to design, construction and installation that may occur during commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning. It specifies preventative measures and verification means for the elimination or reduction of these hazards. It specifies requirements for information to be provided by the manufacturer to the user on safe operation and maintenance.
This standard applies to the following equipment:
- Machinery and plant constructed to condition and/or reclaim foundry sands;
- Moulding machinery and plants;
- Coremaking machinery and plants;
- Knock-out equipment;
- Other directly associated equipment.
The foreseeable significant hazards covered are listed in clause 5 and include:
- Mechanical hazards, movement of machinery and workpieces, ejection of material, of liquids and gases, inadequacy of the mechanical strength;
- Explosion, fire, exothermic reactions;
- Contact with hot parts, gases and flames;
- Noise and vibration;
- Thermal heat radiation and conduction;
- Harmful by-products, poisoning, pollution of operators' breathing air.
This standard applies to equipment covered by this standard which is placed on the market after the date of issue of this standard.
This standard does not cover the safety requirements for wax- and lost foam pattern production and wax removal equipment and drying ovens.
This standard does not apply to crane installations, winches, continuous conveyors or handling systems which could be an integral part of the above equipment.
The standard does not cover dust reduction equipment.

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SRPS EN 710:2011/AC:2013
95.99 Повучен
28. 2. 2023.


SRPS EN ISO 23062:2023

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