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naSRPS EN 81-41:2017

Bezbednosna pravila za konstrukciju i ugradnju liftova - Specijalni liftovi za prevoz lica i tereta - Deo 41: Vertikalno podizne platforme namenjene za lica sa smanjenom pokretljivošću

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Special lifts for the transport of persons and goods - Part 41: Vertical lifting platforms intended for use by persons with impaired mobility

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45.99     22. 3. 2024.

50.20    23. 5. 2024.



Европски стандард

11.180.10     91.140.90  


1.1 This draft European Standard deals with safety requirements for construction, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and dismantling of electrically powered vertical lifting platforms affixed to a building structure intended for use by persons with impaired mobility:
- travelling vertically between predefined levels along a guided path whose inclination to the vertical does not exceed 15°;
- intended for use by persons with or without a wheelchair;
- supported or sustained by rack and pinion, rope traction drive, noncircular elastomeric-coated steel suspension members (hereafter called flat belt) traction drive, rope positive drive, chains, toothed belts, screw and nut, guided chain, scissors mechanism or hydraulic jack (direct or indirect);
- with enclosed liftways;
- with a speed not greater than 0,15 m/s;
- with platforms where the carrier is not completely enclosed.
1.2 This draft European Standard deals with all significant hazards relevant to lifting platforms, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer (see Clause 4).
1.3 This draft European Standard does not specify the additional requirements for:
- operation in severe conditions (e.g. extreme climates, strong magnetic fields);
- lightning protection;
- operation subject to special rules (e.g. potentially explosive atmospheres);
- handling of materials, the nature of which could lead to dangerous situations;
- vertical lifting platforms whose primary function is the transportation of goods;
- vertical lifting platforms whose carriers are completely enclosed;
- vertical lifting platforms prone to vandalism;
- hazards occurring during manufacture;
- earthquakes, flooding;
- firefighting, evacuation and behaviour during a fire;
- noise and vibrations;
- the design of concrete, hard core, timber or other foundation or building arrangement;
- the design of anchorage bolts to the supporting structure;
- type C wheelchairs as defined in EN 12183 and/or EN 12184.
NOTE For the actual type of machinery, noise is not considered a significant nor relevant hazard.
1.4 This draft European Standard is not applicable to Vertical Lifting Platforms intended for use by persons with impaired mobility which are manufactured before the date of its publication as an EN.

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naSRPS EN 81-41:2017
45.99 Слање нацрта FV у CCMC
22. 3. 2024.

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