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dnaSRPS CLC IEC/TS 61851-3-2:2024

Системи за пуњење електричног возила преко проводника - Део 3-2: Захтеви за лака електрична возила - Опрема за проводно напајање једносмерном струјом

Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 3-2: DC EV supply equipment where protection relies on double or reinforced insulation - Particular requirements for portable and mobile equipment

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50.60     27. 10. 2023.



Техничка спецификација




This part of IEC 61851-3 series (in a first step as Technical Specification for three-year period) together with part 1 of IEC61851-3, applies to the d.c. power supply equipment (e.g. VCU) for the conductive transfer of electric power between the supply network and an light electric road vehicle when connected to the supply network , with a rated supply voltage up to 480 V a.c. or up to 400 V d.c. and a rated ìoutputî voltage up to 480 V a.c. or up to 200 V d.c.
The supply systems described in the IEC 61851-3 series are primarily intended for the use by EVs of category L hereinafter referred to as light electric vehicles (light EVs).
NOTE 1 Light EV includes all electrically propelled two and three wheeled vehicles of Category L1 up to Category L7 according to the definition of ECE-TRANS-WP29-78r2e and all electrically propelled or assisted cycles.
The electrical protection of the complete light EV supply system from the connection to the supply network up to the light EV or removed RESS complies with protective separation and with galvanic separation between a.c. input and d.c. output or class III.

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dnaSRPS CLC IEC/TS 61851-3-2:2024
50.60 Завршетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта стандарда
27. 10. 2023.

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