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naSRPS EN 1993-1-11:2019

Еврокод 3 — Пројектовање челичних конструкција —Део 1-11: Пројектовање конструкција са затегнутим компонентама

Eurocode 3 - Design of steel structures - Part 1-11: Tension components

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40.10     16. 11. 2023.

40.20    14. 3. 2024.



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(1) EN 1993-1-11 gives design rules for structures with tension components made of steel, which, due to their connections with the structure, are adjustable and replaceable.
NOTE: Due to the requirement of adjustability and replaceability such tension components are generally prefabricated products delivered to site and installed into the structure. Tension components that are not adjustable or replaceable, e.g. air spun cables of suspension bridges, or for externally post-tensioned bridges, are outside the scope of this part. However, rules of this standard may be applicable.
(2) This standard also gives rules for determining the technical requirements for prefabricated tension components for assessing their safety, serviceability and durability.
(3) The types of termination dealt with in this part for Group B and C products are
– metal and resin sockets, see EN 13411-4
– sockets with cement grout
– ferrules and ferrule securing, see EN 13411-3
– swaged sockets and swaged fitting
– U-bolt wire rope grips, see EN 13411-5
anchoring for bundles with wedges, cold formed button heads for wires and nuts for bars.

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naSRPS EN 1993-1-11:2019
40.10 harmonizedStageCodeLabel.40.10
16. 11. 2023.

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