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ISO 16355-5:2017

Applications of statistical and related methods to new technology and product development process — Part 5: Solution strategy
16. 2. 2017.

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90.93     25. 8. 2022.


ISO/TC 69/SC 8

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ISO 16355-5:2017 describes the process of developing a solution strategy for new products. Since organizations can address their new product development process by a customer-driven or a technology-driven set of solutions, this document explains both alternatives. It provides recommendations on the use of the applicable tools and methods, offering guidance on translating the voice of the customer (VOC) and voice of the stakeholder (VOS) into product, service, information, and process attributes, transferring the priorities of the customer and stakeholder needs into priorities for these attributes, and then developing technology, cost, and reliability plans for attributes.
Users of this document include all organization functions necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, including business planning, marketing, sales, research and development (R&D), engineering, information technology (IT), manufacturing, procurement, quality, production, service, packaging and logistics, support, testing, regulatory, and other phases in hardware, software, service, and system organizations.

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ISO 16355-5:2017
90.93 Одлука о потврђивању стандарда
25. 8. 2022.


ISO/AWI 16355-5