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ISO/TR 21916:2021

Solid recovered fuels — Guidance for the specification of solid recovered fuels (SRF) for selected uses
1. 7. 2021.

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60.60     1. 7. 2021.


ISO/TC 300

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This document addresses the provision of background references that are helpful in defining a more detailed specification for SRF according to its specific end use for energy conversion (EfW plants) and to support the SRF market. The aim is to enable all the interested stakeholders – producers, end users, legislators, local authority bodies and standardization bodies – to guarantee that the SRF complies fully with technical, environmental and economic requirements and to facilitate its social acceptability when utilized for energy conversion.
This document is intended to provide references for the specification of SRF produced from non-hazardous waste streams and traded to EfW plants as waste. The quality of such SRF is specified through values for relevant fuel properties, appropriate to the subsequent end uses that have an expected growth or an established/well consolidated role in heat and power generation in waste-to-energy systems:
—    coal co-combustion in cement kilns,
—    gasification,
—    coal co-combustion in power plants.
The SRF can also be used in other end-use applications but these are not addressed in this document.

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ISO/TR 21916:2021
60.60 Стандард објављен
1. 7. 2021.