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ISO 23435:2022

Air quality — Test methods for snow depth sensors
21. 4. 2022.

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60.60     21. 4. 2022.


ISO/TC 146/SC 5

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This document provides requirements for the evaluation and use of test method for snow depth sensors. This document is applicable to the following types of automatic snow depth sensors which employ different ranging technologies by which the sensors measure the distance from the snow surface to the sensor:
a) Ultrasonic type, also known as sonic ranging depth sensors;
b) Optical laser snow depth sensors including single point and multipoint snow depth sensors;
c) Other snow depth sensors.
This document mainly covers two major tests: a laboratory(indoor) test and a field (outdoor) test. The laboratory test includes the basic performance test and other tests under various environmental changes. The field test is proposed to ensure the performance of the snow depth sensors in field measurement conditions. For the field test, both the natural ground and artificial target surface such as snow plates are considered for the procedures defined in this document.

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ISO 23435:2022
60.60 Стандард објављен
21. 4. 2022.