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ISO/DIS 23285

Agricultural machinery, tractors, and earth-moving machinery — Safety of electrical and electronic components and systems operating at 32 to 75 V DC and 21 to 50 V AC

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40.99     15. 4. 2024.


ISO/TC 23/SC 19

Међународни стандард

65.060.01     53.100  


This document primarily specifies both general design requirements and guidelines for protection of operators and bystanders against electric shock and electrically induced fire, for voltage classes A2 (32 to 60 V DC and 21 to 30 V AC) and B1 (60 to 75 V DC and 30 to 50 V AC), including waveform synthesized by power electronic converters. This standard is limited to addressing hazards that are not as commonly found in 12 and 24 V DC systems, including those related to higher power converters and drive motors. This document is applicable to electric systems used on:
• tractors, self-propelled ride-on machines, interchangeable towed implements, semi-mounted implements, and mounted implements used in or with agriculture and forestry.
• earth-moving machinery (EMM) as defined in ISO 6165 and attachments.

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ISO/DIS 23285
40.99 Нацрт стандарда прихвата се као дефинитивни текст нацрта стандарда
15. 4. 2024.