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naSRPS EN 14129:2020

Опрема и прибор за ТНГ — Сигурносни вентили за растерећење посуда под притиском за ТНГ

LPG Equipment and accessories - Pressure relief valves for LPG pressure vessels

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Европски стандард



This European Standard specifies the requirements for the design and testing of spring loaded pressure relief valves and thermal expansion valves for use in:
- static LPG pressure vessels,
NOTE The pressure vessels can be situated above ground, underground or mounded.
- transportable LPG welded steel pressure drums,
- LPG pressure vessels on road tankers, rail tankers, tank-containers or demountable tanks.
This document does not address relief valves for LPG cylinders, which are identified in EN 13953.
This document does not address production testing.
Normative Annex B prescribes testing with conditioning at - 40 °C for valves for use under extreme low temperature conditions.
The requirements for pressure relief valve accessories such as isolating devices, changeover manifolds and vent pipes are specified in EN 14071.
EN 14570 identifies the requirements for the pressure relief valve capacities for static pressure vessels.
EN 12252 identifies the requirements for the pressure relief valve capacities for road tankers.
Valves designed in accordance with this standard are specifically for use in LPG applications. Valves manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 4126 1 may also be used in certain LPG applications.
Terms used with LPG pressure relief valves are described graphically in Annex A.

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SRPS EN 14129:2015


naSRPS EN 14129:2020
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