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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 17784-1:2021

Органско-неорганска ђубрива - Идентификација средстава за комплексирање - Део 1: Метода коришћењем UV-Vis спектрофотометрије и гравиметрије

Organo-mineral fertilizers - Identification of complexing agents - Part 1: Method using UV-Vis spectrophotometry and gravimetry

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50.60     20. 12. 2021.



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This document specifies two methods required for the identification of lignosulfonate by UV-Vis spectrophotometry (method A) and gravimetry (method B) in organo-mineral fertilizers.
NOTE Lignosulfonate, as a complexing agent, is a natural polymer produced as a by-product of the sulfite method for manufacturing paper from wood pulp in the paper industry. As a natural polymer, it presents a poorly defined and variable chemical structure. It is an intricate mixture of small- to moderate-sized polymeric compounds with sulfonate groups attached to the molecule, and diverse complexing capacity.

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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 17784-1:2021
50.60 Завршетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта стандарда
20. 12. 2021.

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