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naSRPS EN 17701-3:2022

Биостимулатори биљака - Одређивање специфичних елемената - Део 3: Одређивање живе

Plant biostimulants - Determination of specific elements - Part 3: Determination of mercury

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45.99     12. 10. 2023.

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This document specifies a method for determination of the content of mercury (Hg) in plant biostimulants using (cold) vapour generation apparatus coupled to an atomic absorption spectrophotometer and a method using a direct amalgamation technique. It is applicable to aqua regia digests prepared according to EN 17701-1:—1.
NOTE It is also possible to use other suitable methods for the determination of mercury described in Annex A if users prove that the method gives the same results as the methods described in this document.
This document is applicable to the blends of fertilizing products where a blend is a mix of at least two of the following component EU fertilizing products categories: Fertilizers, Liming Materials, Soil Improvers, Growing Media, Inhibitors, Plant Biostimulants, and where the following category Plant Biostimulants is the highest % in the blend by mass or volume, or in the case of liquid form by dry mass. If Plant Biostimulants is not the highest % in the blend, the European Standard for the highest % of the blend applies. In case a blend of fertilizing products is composed of components in equal quantity or in case the component EU fertilising products used for the blend have identical formulations, the user decides which standard to apply.

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naSRPS EN 17701-3:2022
45.99 Слање нацрта FV у CCMC
12. 10. 2023.

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