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naSRPS EN 1482-1:2022

Ђубрива и материје за калцификацију - Узимање узорака и припремање узорака - Део 1: Узимање узорака

Fertilizers, liming materials and inhibitors - Sampling and sample preparation - Part 1: General sampling provisions

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40.60     16. 11. 2023.



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This document specifies sampling plans and methods of representative sampling of inorganic fertilizers, liming materials and inhibitors for physical and chemical analysis, from packages and containers up to and including 1 000 kg, in liquid and solid form. This document covers sampling of products in bulk only while in motion.
NOTE 1 The sampling of bulk heaps of specified types of fertilizers is covered in prEN 1482 3. Sampling for detection of microbial presence is covered by prEN 1482 4.
NOTE 2 The term product is used throughout the body of this document and is understood to include inorganic fertilizers, liming materials and inhibitors unless otherwise indicated.
It is applicable to the sampling of batches of fertilizer, liming material and inhibitors supplied or ready for supply to third parties, as such, or in smaller batches, each of which would be subject to local, national or regional legislation.
This document does not cover complete, statistical sampling plans.
This document is also applicable to the blends of products where inorganic fertilizers, liming materials, or inhibitors are the main part of the blend in quantity. If fertilizers, liming materials, or inhibitors are not the main part of the blend, the European Standard for the main part of the blend applies. In case a blend of fertilizing products is composed of parts in equal quantity, the user decides which standard to apply. Special care is needed to ensure that the blend is/stays homogeneous and well mixed when sampled.
NOTE 3 It is the responsibility of manufacturers, importers and sellers, however, to ensure they supply a product that complies with its label declaration at the moment of delivery and fulfils the expectations of the end user at the moment of application.

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SRPS EN 1482-1:2010


naSRPS EN 1482-1:2022
40.60 Завршетак јавне расправе
16. 11. 2023.

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