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naSRPS EN 12385-5:2021/A1:2023

Челична ужад – Безбедност – Део 5: Ужад са струковима за лифтове - Измена 1

Steel wire ropes - Safety - Part 5: Stranded ropes for lifts

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40.10     28. 2. 2024.

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This document specifies the particular materials, manufacturing and testing requirements for stranded ropes for suspension, compensating and governor duties for traction drive and hydraulic lifts moving between guides and similar applications.
The particular hazards covered by this Part are identified in Clause 4.
This document does not establish requirements for information for use other than those given in Clause 7 of Part 1. Neither does it cover the requirements for ropes fitted with terminations.
Minimum breaking force values for the more common classes, sizes and grades of rope are provided in Tables 6 to 10.

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naSRPS EN 12385-5:2021/A1:2023
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