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delSRPS EN 15871:2017

Ventilacija u zgradama - Kanali otporni na požar

Ventilation for buildings - Fire resisting duct sections

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13.220.99     91.140.30  



This European Standard:
- specifies requirements and gives reference to the test methods defined for fire resisting duct sections and their associated components (e.g. hangers and other items as fire stopping seals proven at the time of testing), which are intended to be installed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings, and
- specifies a method for the verification of constancy of performance of these products to the requirements of this document, and
- specifies the marking and information on installation and maintenance of these products.
This document:
- is applicable to fire resisting duct sections placed on the market used in fire resisting air distribution duct systems excluding smoke extraction systems, and
- governs associated components used together with duct sections (e.g. turning vanes, silencers, access panels, with the exceptions of, e.g., fire dampers which are covered by separate standards).
To avoid duplication, reference is made to a variety of other standards. To this end, it is advised to read this document in conjunction with EN 13501-3 for classification and EN 1366-1 and EN 15882-1 for details of the fire resistance testing and the direct and extended field of application.
This document does not consider in detail the detrimental and/or corrosive effects that can be caused by chemical processes present in the atmosphere, which are drawn through the system intentionally or inadvertently.

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delSRPS EN 15871:2017
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