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prSRPS EN 81-21:2020

Bezbednosna pravila za konstrukciju i ugradnju liftova — Liftovi za prevoz lica i tereta — Deo 21: Novi putnički i teretni liftovi sa pratiocem, koji se ugrađuju u postojeće zgrade

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Lifts for the transport of persons and goods - Part 21: New passenger and goods passenger lifts in existing building

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10.99     1. 1. 2020.



Европски стандард



This European Standard specifies the safety rules related to new passenger and goods/passenger lifts permanently installed in existing buildings where in some circumstances due to limitations enforced by building constraints, some requirements of EN 81 20:2014 cannot be met (see also 4th sentence of Introduction).
This European Standard addresses a number of these constraints and gives requirements for alternative solutions. It is intended to be read and applied in conjunction with the European Standard EN 81-20:2014.
This European Standard covers:
- either the construction and installation of one or more complete new lift(s) including new well and machinery spaces in an existing building; or
- the replacement of one or more existing lift(s) by new ones in existing well(s) and machinery spaces.
This European Standard does not cover:
- replacement or modifications of some parts to a lift already installed;
- other applications outside of the scope of EN 81 20:2014.

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prSRPS EN 81-21:2020
10.99 Нови пројекат се прихвата
1. 1. 2020.

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