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ISO 11037:2011

Sensory analysis — Guidelines for sensory assessment of the colour of products
13. 7. 2011.

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90.93     24. 4. 2023.


ISO/TC 34/SC 12

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ISO 11037:2011 establishes guidelines for the sensory evaluation of the colours of products. The procedures specified are applicable to solid, semi-solid, powder and liquid products, which can be opaque, translucent, cloudy or transparent in nature, as well as matt or glossy.
General information is also given about the viewing and lighting conditions to be used in various situations in sensory analysis, such as difference testing, profile analysis and grading methods, performed by panels of selected assessors or by individual experts in special situations.
ISO 11037:2011 does not deal with consumer testing or with assessment of the metamerism of colours of food products.

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ISO 11037:1999


ISO 11037:2011
90.93 Одлука о потврђивању стандарда
24. 4. 2023.

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90.93 Одлука о потврђивању стандарда