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naSRPS EN 17942:2023

Опрема за гасно заваривање - Захтеви за безбедност за термопроцесну опрему код заваривања отвореним пламеном кисеоника са опремом за гасно заваривање са отвореним пламеном

Welding and allied processes - Gas welding equipment - Safety requirements for thermoprocess equipment with open firing oxy-fuel gas welding equipment

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45.99     21. 12. 2023.

50.20    7. 3. 2024.



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This document, together with EN 746-1, EN 746-2 and EN 746-11, specifies the safety requirements for industrial thermoprocessing equipment ( IThE) with "Open firing oxy-fuel gas welding equipment", as well as the relevant gas distribution and protective systems. This document applies to IThE supplied with fuel gases. IThE in the scope of application of this document shall be able to be operated under the following ambient conditions:
- temperature range;
- during operation: +5°C to +40°C;
- during transportation and storage: -5°C to +55°C;
- relative humidity: up to 90% at 20°C, non-condensing.
This document covers the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events listed in Appendix A for oxy-fuel IThE, associated gas supply systems and protective systems on the basis that they are used as intended and under the conditions specified by the manufacturer.
This document applies to:
- gas distribution system, beginning in the direction of flow with the manually isolation main shut-off valve at the inlet of the thermoprocessing equipment;
- burner, burner assembly and ignition devices, open firing;
- Safety control system (protective system).
This document is applicable to all types of combustion of fuel gases with atmospheric air, compressed air or oxygen. This document also includes necessary requirements for user information. This document does not apply to manual burners, systems for flame spraying and micro soldering torches.
This document does not apply to systems for welding, cutting and associated processes using plasma and laser technology. This document does not cover the hazards arising as a result of the release of flammable substances from the products processed in the IThE.
This document is not applicable to electrical wiring and heavy-current wiring connected upstream of the IThE control cabinet/control panel/protective system.
Noise and optical radiation can cause significant hazards when using gas welding equipment. These are not covered in this document.
This document is not applicable to oxy-fuel IThE, associated gas supply systems and protective systems manufactured before the date of publication of this document in the Official Journal of the EU.

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naSRPS EN 17942:2023
45.99 Слање нацрта FV у CCMC
21. 12. 2023.

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