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Day of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia

Every year, in the period between 16 September and 14 October, the Day of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia and the World Standards Day are celebrated. This period is significant because the Yugoslav National Committee for Normalization was founded on 16 September 1934, the predecessor of all forms of institutional organization of standardization activities in our region, from which the Institute for Standardization of Serbia was born, while 14 October is a date dedicated to all experts around the world. who work hard to develop globally recognized international standards. It is celebrated by the international standardization organizations ISO, IEC and ITU and their members, including the Institute for Standardization of Serbia. The slogan of this year's World Standards Day is: "Shared vision for a better world". 

This year, the celebration was held on 7 October in the ceremonial hall of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and the importance of this event was contributed by the guests, among whom were representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia, the Management and Supervisory Board of the Institute, the Quality Council, the ISS NTC members and chairpersons, as well as the award winners.

The guests were addressed by Tatjana Bojanić, the Director of the Institute, who spoke about the achieved results, upcoming important tasks and plans for the ISS further operations, Miodrag Dugandžija, Assistant Minister, who emphasized the importance of long-term cooperation between the Ministry of Economy and the Institute, as well as Tanja Petrović, the Chairperson of the ISS Assembly, who presented the work of the Assembly. At the end, the guests were also addressed by Dr. Miloš Jelić, head of the quality management sector at the research and development center "Alfatec", who, in accordance with the theme of this year's celebration, "Education and Standardization", spoke about the importance of including standardization in the education system. 

In addition to certificates of appreciation and plaques that are awarded annually to members of ISS NTCs and other collaborators for their special contribution to the development, application and promotion of standards, as well as for the improvement of national and/or international standardization, this year the Institute for Standardization of Serbia for the first time awarded a Special Award for improvement of education processes, promotion of standards and standardization among students and pupils. Also, on this occasion, for the first time, the national mark of conformity was ceremoniously presented, which is proof of manufacturers and service providers' compliance with Serbian standards, high degree of reliability, quality and care for consumers, as well as competitiveness on the market. 

Winners of certificates of appreciation:

Dr Ana Trpković, member of the following ISS NTCs: KS Z226 Road equipment, KS Z204 Road safety and intelligent transport systems and KS А268 Sustainability and societal responsibility;

Igor Vukobratović, member of the following ISS NTCs: KS Z226 Road equipment, KS Z204 Road safety and intelligent transport systems and the subcommittee KS Z226/PKS 1 Road equipment - Safety barriers;

Andrija Novaković, member of the ISS NTC KS Z226 Road equipment;

Tatjana Marjanović, member of several ISS NTCs in the field of lamps and auxiliary devices, electrical energy and frequency, power electronics and others, as well as the CASCO committee.

Plaque winners:

Mr Biserka Švarc, member of the Expert Council for General Fields of Standardization;

Prof. dr Ranka Stanković, Chairperson of ISS NTC A037, Terminology.

Special Award winner: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Iniversity of Niš.

The National Mark of Conformity was awarded to the company Peštan d.o.o.