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ISO & The role of students in making lives easier, safer & better

Наставак серије бесплатних радионица за студенте

November 19, 2021 10:32 more

New International guidelines for large organizations

Improving collaboration with MSMEs

November 18, 2021 13:06 more

ISS cooperation with College of Sports and Health

Standards for sport experts

November 15, 2021 14:42 more

Standard for electronic invoicing now available in Serbian language

SRPS EN 16931-1:2019 + AC:2020

November 10, 2021 15:21 more

A positive example to other standardization bodies

Respect for gender equality in the ISS

November 4, 2021 14:07 more

Meeting of the Working group for overhead lines

26 and 27 October 2021

October 27, 2021 10:52 more


What are standards, how are they created, who adopts them and how to obtain a standard?


The Institute certifies individual management systems according to the standard SRPS ISO 9001, Quality management system - Requirements.

How ISS can help your business?

If you are a small manufacturer, you already know that proving in the market, against large companies, is difficult. Standards help with that.

Draft Serbian standards on public enquiry

The purpose of the public enquiry is to provide all interested parties with the equal opportunity to submit comments and remarks on the standards drafts. The duration of the public enquiry is 60 days counting from the starting date of the public enquiry or, when safety, health and environment reasons require it, it may be shorter, but not less than 30 days. The full text of the standards drafts, can be purchased or read in the Institute`s Standards Library, and general information on each standard draft (the title, subject and scope, etc.) are available on our website. You can send your comments and remarks on the draft Serbian standard that is of interest to you to the NC secretary.

Dimensions and output series for rotating electrical machines - Part 1: Frame numbers 56 to 400 and flange numbers 55 to 1080

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

N002 more

Wind energy generation systems - Part 21-2: Measurement and assessment of electrical characteristics - Wind power plants

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

N088 more

Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Test methods for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives - Part 6: Determination of water-soluble contaminants by conductivity measurement (ISO/DIS 11127-6:2021)

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

H035 more

Metal profiles with thermal barrier - Mechanical performance - Requirements, proof and tests for assessment

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

U162 more

Explosives for civil uses - Part 3: Information to be provided by the manufacturer or his authorized representative to the user

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

B321 more

Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles - Specifications and test methods (ISO/DIS 1461:2021)

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

C107 more

Cable management systems - Test method for content of halogens

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

N023 more

Thermoplastics pipes for the conveyance of fluids — Dimensions and tolerances — Part 1: Metric series

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

G061 more

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Performance standard - Part 051-02: Plug-receptacle style single-mode fibre fixed optical attenuators for category C - Controlled environments

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

N086 more

Passive RF and Microwave devices, intermodulation level measurement - Part 7: Field measurements of passive intermodulation

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks

N086 more