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Our Strategy

In accordance with the strategy of the Republic of Serbia, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia is intensively working on fulfilling the obligations arising from full membership in the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC, ie on adopting European standards and then on adopting international and other national standards for which there is interest.
The adoption of European and international standards in English (or another of the official languages ​​of European standardization organizations) is an opportunity guaranteed by the Standardization Act. However, it is much easier for users to apply the standard requirements if there are translations of the standard into Serbian. In accordance with our strategic goal to have as many Serbian standards as possible, created by adopting European and international standards in the Serbian language, in 2018 we introduced a new service - service translation of standards for the needs of interested users.

Also, by investing in the professional competence and competence of experts at the Institute and their associates, we will ensure equal participation in European and international standardization.

By increasing interest in the participation of experts, business representatives, educational institutions, government institutions and consumers in the work of the Institute and its technical bodies, we will raise the profile of national standardization and achieve our goal - the leading national organization for standardization in this part of Europe.

Improvement of our information and publishing activities will enable faster and better quality information for our users and our members. Publication of various standards publications and other promotional materials, thematic collections of standards, raising awareness of the importance of standards and standardization at the national level by organizing professional seminars and trainings are activities that the Institute will intensely focus on in the coming period.