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New IEC Mapping platform

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published a map that includes standards for the safety and performance of household appliances. This standards map provides an overview of the currently available international standards developed by the IEC for specific types of electrical equipment. Depending on their purpose, all devices are divided into two categories - for household use and for commercial purposes. In addition, they were categorized according to the type of function they perform (heating or cooling, cleaning, etc.). For each type of product, a list of relevant international standards is given, as well as a link to those standards.

The map of standards for home appliances is a useful tool, which allows easy and quick finding and access to the available IEC standards that define the performance and safety requirements of home appliances.

This is the most comprehensive and visually detailed IEC standards map to date. There is a special platform where all published standards maps are located, the goal of which is to graphically illustrate the existing standards and connect them. The search can be performed by individual technical committees, working groups, subcommittees and committees or by authors who update them regularly. The link to access that platform is:

Maps of standards are intended for users of standards, to inform them about standards and their relationship, but also for technical experts, in order to get a better insight into their activities and all connections with relevant information.