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New International guidelines for large organizations

ISO 44004, Collaborative business relationship management — Guidelines for large organizations seeking collaboration with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) provides recommendations for large organizations to help them when working with MSMEs ( This recently adopted international standard is based on an understanding of the twelve principles for the identification, development and management of collaborative relationships, contained in ISO 44001: 2017.

The MSME sector includes micro, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs and is an important segment of any economy. They have a positive impact on employment and export growth and therefore represent the basis for economic development. Flexibility is the main feature of these economic entities. Taking all this into consideration, large organizations are often focused on business cooperation with the MSME sector, therefore they can be more agile in business and achieve other benefits. The main advantage of large organizations is having significantly larger resources at their disposal. On the other hand, they have a more complex management process and more procedures. ISO 44004 shows how they can adjust their approach to working with smaller companies, allowing everyone involved in business cooperation to fully benefit from the relationship and achieve positive results.

In April 2021, ISO published the international standard ISO 44003, Collaborative business relationship management — Guidelines for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises on the implementation of the fundamental principles,