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ISO 8216-99:2002

Petroleum products — Fuels (class F) — Classification — Part 99: General

Jun 27, 2002

General information

90.93     Jul 15, 2019


ISO/TC 28/SC 4

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This part of ISO 8216 establishes a general system of classification which applies to petroleum fuels designated by
the prefix letter "F".
Within class F, five families (designated as categories) of products are defined according to the type of fuel and listed
in decreasing order of volatility. One category, D, is defined further by subgroups on the basis of volatility and flash
point, because of the safety implications of different customary titles for such fuels in different parts of the world.
Subgroup L (light distillate) is a highly volatile liquid fuel with a closed-cup flash point below normal ambient
temperature, and thus may require special hazard precautions not necessary for subgroups M and H.
The detailed classification of a family, taking into account complementary elements according to the uses, type and
properties, define particular products in each category, and are given in relevant parts of ISO 8216 as the need
NOTE 1 Petroleum fuels only meet the requirement of this part of ISO 8216 if these fuels, or their components, have not been
used for any other purposes prior to their preparation.
NOTE 2 Class F for fuels has been defined as part of the method of classification for petroleum products given in ISO 8681.

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ISO 8216-0:1986


ISO 8216-99:2002
90.93 Standard confirmed
Jul 15, 2019

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Petroleum products — Fuels (class F) — Classification — Part 99: General

90.93 Standard confirmed

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