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ISO/IEC Guide 17:2016

Guide for writing standards taking into account the needs of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises

Mar 3, 2016

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ISO/IEC Guide 17:2016 provides guidance and recommendations to writers of standards on the needs of micro, small and medium‐ sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to avoid the exclusion of SMEs from the market and the distortion of fair competition.
ISO/IEC Guide 17:2016 is relevant to all stakeholders involved in standardization, i.e. standards writers in working groups (WGs), technical committees (TCs), project committees (PCs), or subcommittees (SCs) as well as members of national mirror committees. Not all principles presented in this Guide necessarily have to apply to all standards. Furthermore, sector-specific questions might not be covered. TCs, PCs, SCs and WGs are best placed to evaluate how to address the specific needs of SMEs in their standards.
ISO/IEC Guide 17:2016 contains:
a) considerations for the development of standards that are best adapted to SMEs' needs;
b) techniques for identifying and assessing provisions in standards that may especially impact SMEs;
c) ways to reduce negative impacts on SMEs resulting from some provisions in standards;
d) guidelines for writing SME‐friendly standards;
e) a checklist;
f) information on the impact that new standards can have on micro‐enterprises.
NOTE In this Guide, the term "standard" includes all ISO/IEC deliverables.

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ISO/IEC Guide 17:2016
90.93 Standard confirmed
Sep 29, 2021

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Adopted from CEN/CLC Guide 17:2010